In an apparent response to losing its battles in Syria and Iraq, the ISIS terrorist group continued its propaganda ahead of the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Russia, this time with a poster of a kneeling Lionel Messi held by a jihadist in a Russian arena.

ISIS' latest propaganda poster

ISIS’ latest propaganda poster Photo Credit: Screenshot

As ISIS continues to significantly lose its ground in the Middle East, the terrorist group is not holding back on its propaganda. In a new poster published on the ISIS-affiliated Wafa Media Foundation website, a manipulated photo of Barcelona soccer star Lionel Messi shows the player kneeling under the hands of a veiled terrorist.  

The poster reads: “So strike (them) upon the necks and from them every fingertip,” against the backdrop of the newly established arena in Moscow. Messi had already been featured in an ISIS propaganda poster where he is seen crying a tear of blood from behind bars. The latest propaganda is only another in a long series of threats the terrorist group has been sending ahead of the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup, set to take place in Russia this summer.

In October, the Islamist group posted a propaganda poster showing a photoshopped image of soccer player Neymar da Silva Santos on his knees crying, as a man dressed in all black holds a knife behind him. “You will not enjoy security until we live in Muslim countries,” read the poster.

In addition, in another attempt to frighten soccer fans and players, a previous image showed an armed terrorist standing near a soccer stadium in Russia with a chilling message: “I swear that the Mujahideen’s fire will burn you… just you wait.”