The US general in charge of US and coalition land forces in Iraq said that ISIS leaders have begun to flee Mosul. However, he declined to mention how many senior-level ISIS members have left the city and where they were headed.

The Battle for Mosul

The Battle for Mosul Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Major General Gary Volesky, the commander of US and coalition land forces in Iraq, said today (Wednesday) that ISIS leaders are fleeing Mosul while the coalition forces are approaching the city.

“We are telling Daesh that their leaders are abandoning them,” said Volesky in a video briefing to reporters from Baghdad, referring to ISIS by an Arabic acronym. “We’ve seen a movement out of Mosul.” However, Volesky declined to reveal how many ISIS leaders have fled Mosul or where they were headed.

According to Volesky’s updated assessment, there are still anywhere in between 3,500 to 5,000 ISIS members in Mosul. Volesky also said that the Iraqi Army is inspecting everyone who leaves the city and that foreign ISIS members will not be able to blend in with the refugee population.