ISIS’ Amaq News Agency released footage from within the Iranian Parliament in Tehran after terrorists entered the building, shooting in all directions. In the video, the terrorists are seen roaming the offices while wounded victims lie on the floor.

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Hours after ISIS terrorists stormed the Iranian Parliament building in Tehran, local news agencies reported that the hostage situation has come to an end and all of the terrorists have been eliminated. In the twin terror attacks in Tehran today, 12 people were murdered and 39 were injured. Before the security forces entered the building, ISIS’ Amaq News Agency released footage of the attack.

In the chilling footage from within the building, the terrorists are heard shouting and walking from office to office as wounded victims are seen lying on the floor. Gunshots can also be heard in the background.

Security forces in Tehran, today

Security forces in Tehran, today Photo Credit: Fars News Agency/Channel 2 News

Meanwhile, the details of the attack are becoming clearer. The Iranian Interior Ministry explained that the terrorists, who were disguised as women, entered the building via the main entrance. The terrorists then opened fire in a random manner, murdering several people and taking a few others hostage. One of the terrorists was wearing an explosive belt and eventually blew himself up.

The terror attack at the parliament building was followed by a second attack, which occurred at Ayatollah Khomeini’s shrine. During this attack, a female terrorist opened fire and then blew herself up at the scene, murdering at least one and injuring several more.

In light of the twin attacks in Iran’s capital city, Iranian intelligence agencies called on the public to avoid public transportation for the time being. The agencies also announced that several terrorists who were on their way to carry out a third attack somewhere in the city were arrested.