On Easter Sunday, 3 hotels and three churches exploded simultaneously in Sri-Lanka killing 320 people including 45 children and injuring 600 others.

The jihadist group ISIS has assumed responsibility for attacks, in a statement released by the extremist groups AMAQ news agency.

“Security sources to ‘Amaq agency: Perpetrators of the attacks targeting the citizens of the coalition nations and Christians in Sri Lanka two days ago are fighters of the Islamic State,” the AMAQ news agency said.

ISIS released the names of the 7 terrorists who perpetrated the attack;  Abu ‘Ubaida, Abu Al-Mukhtar, Abu Khalil, Abu Hamza, Abu Al-Bara’, Abu Muhammad, and Abu Abdallah who perpetrated the attacks.

ISIS also published a photo of a man in the center surrounded by 7 other masked men. That man in the middle is believed to be Zahran Hashim, a well-known preacher for the terror group’s faction in Sri Lanka.

The last time such heavy casualties were sustained in the country was during the Sri Lankan Civil War that led to the death of 40,000 civilians

The Israeli consul in India has confirmed that so far there are no known Israeli casualties. Still they warned Israeli travelers to stay vigilant ”listen to the local security forces, stay away from the scenes of the attacks, and to be attuned to statements in the local media”

Although no Israeli’s were among the casualties, the country is still mourning with Sri Lanka.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin posted a message on his Twitter account saying the attacks were a “despicable crime”. Rivlin emphasized that “we are all children of God, an attack on one religion is an attack against all of us.”