In a response to the petition to the Israeli Supreme Court, the State claimed that the law cannot be changed to allow same-sex couples to adopt.

State against same-sex adoption

State against same-sex adoption Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

The Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism and the Association of Israeli Gay Fathers petitioned the Supreme Court to allow common-law couples and same-sex couples to adopt, while the current law states that ‘adoption is possible only by a man and his wife.’ 

The hearing will be held on Thursday. The State noted that in the past it was determined that common-law couples could adopt without changing the law but that it was decided not to change the law in order to allow same-sex couples to adopt. “In order to reach the desired result, an appropriate legislative amendment is required,” the State wrote. “The language of the explicit law does not allow the interpretation requested by the petitioners. Therefore, the appropriate arena for raising allegations is the Knesset.”


Illustration Photo credit: 123RF/ Channel 2 News

“The Israeli government has announced a war against the LGBT families,” stated Chairman of the Association of Israeli Gay Fathers Udi Ladergor. “Again and again, we encounter the insensitivity of the representatives of the State Attorney’s office and the Attorney General. It is amazing to me that the State of Israel is willing to invest enormous resources in legal proceedings whose sole aim is harassment and abuse of LGBT families, rather than diverting these resources to the benefit of society.”