​Speaker of the Knesset MK Yariv Levin met via video conference on Tuesday with the Chairperson of the Senate of Uzbekistan, Tanzila Norbaeva. The online discussion marked the first time ever that heads of the Israeli and Uzbek legislatures held an official meeting. Diplomatic relations between the countries were established in 1992.

“This is an opportunity for a significant and historic quantum leap in the relations between the countries,” Levin said during the conversation while stressing the importance of moving the Embassy of Uzbekistan to Jerusalem and supporting Israel in international institutions.

Levin further stressed the importance of the Abraham Accords, which he said “change the paradigm that ties the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the possibility of peace with other nations in the region.”

Uzbekistan has a population of 34 million, 88% of whom are Muslim. Some 10,000 Jews live in the Central Asian country, mainly in the capital Tashkent.