The Beresheet spacecraft.
The Beresheet 1 spacecraft.

Last Thursday evening, Israel’s unmanned spacecraft Beresheet crashed on the moon during its final landing attempt.

Beresheet was launched on February 22nd where it spent time orbiting the earth before heading to the moon. Israel would have become the fourth country in history to achieve this feat if the landing would have been successful.

The spacecraft carried with it a time capsule containing the flag of Israel, handpicked photos, digital files of the Bible and drawings made by school children.

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu who was present in the control room at the time consoled the engineers and the nation. “Write this down, in three years we will get another spacecraft on the moon, and this one will land in one piece”.

“If at first, you don’t succeed, try again. We’ll try again, and next time we’ll just try it more gently’’ said Netanyahu.

It looks like we won’t be waiting too long, as the man who nearly funded the entire one hundred-million-dollar space project announced yesterday that work on Bereshit 2 begins today.

SpaceIL chief and billionaire Morris Kahn said in an interview with an Israeli news media outlet that “over the weekend I’ve had time to think about what happened, and the truth is seeing all the encouragement and support from people all over the world is amazing”.

“It gave me time to think and I thought it would be a shame to leave things like that. I’ve come to announce a new project: Beresheet 2. We started something and we need to finish it. We’ll put our flag on the moon.”

‘’Tomorrow a mission team will meet tomorrow to start work on Beresheet 2,’’ Kahn said.

SpaceIL co-founder Yariv Bash said it would take about two or three years before a new ship would be ready to launch.