After seeing how their mother’s friend lost her hair in the battle against cancer, Mor and Adi Abelson, sisters aged 6 and 9 from Be’er Sheva, decided to donate their hair to make wigs for cancer patients.

Anat Abelson, the mother of the generous girls, who already donated her hair, went with her daughters to the hair salon: “A Wig for every Woman” located in the Soroka hospital in Be’er Sheva. “About a year ago, my good friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the girls saw how her hair was falling out from the chemotherapy,” told Anat. “Adi, my youngest daughter, came to me and said she wants to donate her hair to women who have cancer. We heard about this special hair salon and immediately went there”.

The hair salon in the Be’er Sheva hospital offers hairstyles, and wig fittings for women undergoing hair loss due to chemotherapy. The purpose of the salon is to boost the women’s’ confidence, and prevent them from feeling any embarrassment or shame for their situation. The salon prides itself on matching each woman to a wig most similar to her own hair. It was established in cooperation between the hospital and professional wig stylist, Eli Ben Zikri.