After three mortar shells that were fired from Gaza landed in southern Israel, Israeli Air Force fighter jets attacked a “significant terror infrastructure,” the IDF spokesperson said on Thursday morning in a statement. No damage or injuries were caused by the mortar fire.

IAF attack in Gaza

IAF attack in Gaza Photo Credit: Nati Shohat/Flash 90

The Israeli Air Force struck “a significant terror infrastructure” in Gaza early Thursday morning after three mortar shells landed in open fields in southern Israel. The IDF spokesperson wrote on Twitter that the military will use all the means at its disposal to “thwart attempts to attack the citizens of Israel.”

“The IDF will not allow any breach of Israeli sovereignty or any hostile attempts by terror organizations such as Hamas and remains prepared for a wide variety of scenarios,” the IDF spokesperson added.

Wednesday’s mortar fire began in the afternoon when two mortar shells were fired within a two-hour period. In both cases, no siren was sounded because the Red Alert monitoring system detected that the shells would fall in unpopulated areas. At around 6:00 PM, the third mortar shell was fired from Gaza and landed in southern Israel.