Israel is continuing to ease more restrictions on movement and business as the virus tally continued their downward trend.

Those rule changes include the limited opening of beaches and cinemas while maintaining social distancing and allowing hotels and bed-and-breakfasts to operate their ground floors only. Open-air markets are expected to start up but with only half the stalls open at any one time and limits on the number of shoppers. Their temperatures checked first and they must wear a face mask.

If the downward trend in infections continues, the health and education ministries are expected to give a green light to gradually restart schools beginning on Sunday.

The government is expected to make a decision Sunday on the opening of shopping malls, with the health ministry pushing for a smartphone app connected to the health ministry database of those known to be infected, Ynet reported. The app would track and identify if a coronavirus patient enters a mall and alert those in proximity to immediately go into isolation, but justice ministry officials say there are privacy issues involved.