Huge explosions were reported to have occurred atn a Syrian military base. However, the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, has denied that an attack occurred and attributed the incident to a short circuit in an ammunition depot.

The attack reportedly occurred shortly after midnight at Mazzeh airbase near Damascus, a major military facility of the government that has reportedly been attacked by the Israeli Air Force in the past.

The Syrian Human Rights Observatory, a London-based non-governmental organization with a wide network of activists on the ground, attributed the incident to a possible Israeli missile attack that struck a munitions depot and than unleashed a secondary round of attacks.

The Lebanese television channel Al Mayadeen, affiliated with the Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah, said the explosions were the result of an Israeli missile attack.


Assad and Netanyahu (file photo)

The report indicates that five missiles struck the air base.

Witnesses said they noticed huge bursts. Images of large explosions and apparently anti-aircraft missiles in the sky surfaced on social media.

However, the official Syrian news agency SANA attributed the explosions to a technical malfunction.

“The explosions heard were due to an explosion in an ammunition depot near the airport, caused by a short circuit,” explained a Syrian military source.

The Israel Defense Forces regularly refuse to comment on foreign reports of attacks in Syria.