Over the next 48 hours, strong winds and heavy rain are expected to make their way across Israel. Emergency services are urging the public to prepare for floods in southern Israel and along the coast.

Firefighters inspecting emergency equipment

Firefighters inspecting emergency equipment Photo Credit: The Israel Fire and Rescue Services Spokesperson

The final preparations for the storm that is expected to make its way across Israel over the next 48 hours are currently underway. The Israel Police and the Israel Electric Corporation will be on high-alert when the heavy rain begins to fall. Northern Israel already experienced some stormy weather on Thursday morning.

The heavy rainfall is expected to hit on Friday along with strong winds. The authorities are warning that flooding will likely occur along the coast and in southern Israel.

The Israel Fire and Rescue Services has already inspected all emergency equipment ahead of the stormy weather. Inflatable boats, pumps, generators and rescue tools are among the equipment at the firefighters’ disposal during emergencies.

The Israel Police is calling on the public to prepare ahead of time for extreme flooding. “It’s important that every citizen examine his home’s surroundings ahead of the weather, prepare as well as he can for the case of a flood and, among other things, make sure he is aware of what he needs to do and how to act in such a case,” the Israel Police stated.