An impressive victory for Israel in the 2018 World Cup qualification against Albania. Eran Zahavi, Daniel Einbinder and Eliran Atar each scored a goal. Albania ended the game with 9 players after receiving two red cards.

Israel celebrating the victory

Israel celebrating the victory Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Israel won a very important away game against Albania in the 2018 World Cup qualification games. Yesterday (Saturday), the Israeli national team players beat the Albanian team, which is ranked above them, 3-0 in a game that was played in Elbasan. Currently, Israel holds 9 points out of the possible 12 and is third in Group G after Spain and Italy.

Captain Eran Zahavi scored the first goal of a penalty in the 18th minute after he was tackled in the penalty area by an Albanian defender who received a red card. Albania remained with 10 players, which made it much easier for Israel to attack and gain opportunities to score.

In the 55th minute, the Albanian goalkeeper head-butted Zahavi after a disagreement and received a red card, leaving his team with 9 players and awarding Israel with another penalty. Although this time Zahavi’s penalty was blocked by the substitute goalkeeper, Israel scored two more goals by Dan Eindbinder and Eliran Atar.

Regardless of the impressive win, both teams were happy to end the game safe and sound after the ISIS threat that led to a change in venue last week. As reported by JOL, several suspects affiliated with ISIS were arrested after allegedly planning to carry out a terror attack during the game.