Israel did not play so well during the European Basketball Championship opener held last night in Tel Aviv. The Israeli national team had a tough time scoring points and lost to Italy with a final score of 69:48.

Israel lost the EuroBasket opening game

Israel lost the EuroBasket opening game Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Despite having the home-court advantage, the Israeli national basketball team lost last night (Thursday) 69:48 to Italy during the EuroBasket opener, also known as the European Basketball Championship, which was held at Tel Aviv’s Menora Mivtahim Arena. The national team did not play to the best of its abilities, while the preparation game victories now seem like a distant memory.

Israel did not start off very well, ending the first quarter with a six-point deficit. Despite the team’s bad start, it finished the half with a very minor deficit of 36:32. The Israeli players had difficulty making moves on the court, only scoring one out of every 14 three-pointers and the difference only increased throughout the game.

Coach Erez Edelstein rarely substituted the players, who seemed helpless, while Israeli NBA player Omri Caspi and the rest of the national team’s players looked tired. Besides Caspi, who scored 18 points, none of the other players scored more than 10 points.