Liberman Resigns
Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman

We Gave in To Terror

Israel Minister Defense Avigdor Lieberman announced today at a special meeting of his faction, Israel Beiteinu, that he would resign as defense minister. The resignation will take effect after 48 hours.

This comes after the end of a violent uptake in the Gaza Strip yesterday that saw 460+ rockets launched towards Israel.

Lieberman said: “As far as I’m concerned, what happened yesterday, the cease-fire, combined with the whole ceasefire arrangement with Hamas, is a surrender to terror.

At the end of his statement, Lieberman called for a quick date for the elections. “I also hope that as soon as possible, a date for the elections will be finalized so the electorate will decide the right line of action.

Hamas Claims Victory

“The resignation of Lieberman is a recognition of defeat and the inability for them deal with the Palestinian resistance. It’s a political victory for Gaza that has succeeded in standing firm and provoking a political earthquake in Israel,” Hamas said.

Gaza celebrations
Celebration in Gaza

The Islamic Jihad also responded: “Lieberman’s resignation from his post is a victory for the will of the resistance and for our people to stand up to the occupation.”

In Gaza, hundreds of people celebrated their perceived win in this last round of escalation against Israel. In Israel in people have been burning tires in the streets to demonstrate against the “soft hand” against Gaza.

Burning tires
Demonstrations in Israel, demanding harder reaction to Hamas violence

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