Following the uproar surrounding Israel’s stance on same-sex adoptions that came into the spotlight due to an appeal to Israel’s Supreme Court, the state revised its response to the appeal and announced plans to amend adoption legislation, giving all types of families the ability to adopt.

New amendment to permit same-sex couples to adopt

New amendment to permit same-sex couples to adopt Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Israeli government filed a revised response to the Supreme Court petition regarding adoptions by same-sex couples and announced an amendment to the legislation that will make adoption laws equal for all as early as mid-2018. Israeli Welfare Minister Haim Katz said in response that “there is no place to determine the type of family as a precondition” for adoption.

In July, the government’s first response to the appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court made headlines after it claimed the law cannot be changed to allow same-sex couples to adopt, explaining that it is to prevent placing an “additional load” on the child.

In response, Israel’s Psychologists Union wrote a letter to Katz in which they explained that “raising children in LGBT families does not harm children’s mental wellbeing.” The Israeli Welfare Ministry issued a revised response in August saying there is no opposition towards same-sex couples adopting children, but an official legislation was needed. “The minister has no intention to deny or prevent the ability to adopt from any type of group,” read the message from the ministry.

Haim Katz

Haim Katz Photo Credit: Flash 90/Channel 2 News

Today, the state released an official response saying that the clause stating that adoption is possible only by a man and wife together should be revised and rephrased to allow any longstanding and stable couples to adopt. Following the revised response, Supreme Court judges advised the appealing parties, the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism and the Association of Israeli Gay Fathers, to withdraw the appeal.