Heavy rains and thunderstorms throughout Israel, surprising for this time of year, have caused flooding and sporadic power outages. Israel’s Electric Corporation is working to repair the malfunctions.

Watch: Stormy weather and floods throughout Israel

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Heavy rains have brought the Sukkot holiday to a halt as flooding and the stormy weather caused damages and disruptions in Israel’s electricity supply. Severe damage and flooding have been reported in Haifa, Tiberias, Nahariya in the north and Ashkelon in the south. Israel’s Electric Corporation employees are working to repair the malfunctions.

As a result of the flooding in several locations throughout the city, Tiberias municipality employees have been working since the early morning to clear obstructed roads. A spokesperson for the Tiberias municipality explained that “the first rain was characterized by a number of cloudbursts and huge amounts of water that flowed down towards the Sea of Galilee. Because we have many construction sites throughout the city, we had to evacuate numerous roads obstructed by mud slides and debris.”

Flooded roads in Kfar Kara

Flooded roads in Kfar Kara Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Due to the severe flooding, buses in Tiberias’ Central Bus Station were completely submerged. The municipality said that the bus station had undergone extensive renovations over the past year. “Teams from the Water Corporation and the municipality worked hard to restore the situation to normal and the station was reopened just 20 minutes later,” the spokesperson from the municipality said. “Compared to previous years and due to preliminary preparations over the last two months, there was a relatively small and insignificant amount of damage.”

Today’s temperatures were lower than usual for the season and rainfalls accompanied by thunderstorms are expected to continue throughout the day.