The period of the general quarantine to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Israel has been extended until October 18.

Earlier, Israel imposed strict norms of nationwide quarantine until the end of the fall holidays 11 October, and then the period was extended until 14 October.

“Extend the current regulations until Sunday, October 18, the statement said. In addition, the restrictions on flights abroad have been extended until October 15.

According to the coronavirus-induced measures, many workplaces are closed, with the exception of vital and continuous production lines, only grocery stores and pharmacies continue to work. Only members of the same family can be at home, and people are allowed to move no more than a kilometer from home.

At the same time, certain sports-related activities were introduced for the training of professional athletes.

The government handling of the coronavirus pandemic has triggered major unrest in Israel. Since July, thousands of protesters have been calling on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign amid an economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Israel’s top COVID-19 policy advisor and the director-general of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Ronni Gamzu, has accused Netanyahu of tightening coronavirus restrictions in an attempt to contain anti-government protests.