Israel’s State Comptroller revealed on Wednesday that the gap between the goals set by the government and actual numbers of Haredi military conscription is growing. The Comptroller warned that unless Israel takes action to implement effective measures for drafting yeshiva students, this gap will continue to grow.

Haredi protest against military draft (archive)

Haredi protest against military draft (archive) Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson

A new report by Israel’s State Comptroller revealed that the number of Haredi conscripts in the IDF is eight times lower than the goals set by the government in 2016. While the number of yeshiva student conscription has slightly increased, it is still far behind the expected numbers.

In his report, State Comptroller Yosef Shapira said that there is a significant lack of effective enforcement surrounding this matter. Among his findings, Shapira stated that the IDF’s list of yeshiva students’ details is outdated. In addition, the State Comptroller said that in the last two years, the Israeli government has failed to meet and discuss its announced long-term plan to increase the conscription rates.

Shapira warned that the growth of the gap between the government’s goals and the actual numbers of Haredi conscription may carry on for years unless Israel’s authorities take action to implement the set goals. He recommended that the government take steps to improve effective enforcement of its decisions.

The issue of drafting yeshiva students has been in the spotlight in Israel in the wake of the coalition crisis surrounding the IDF draft bill. The bill sought to entirely exempt yeshiva students from serving in the military.