A ceasefire Egyptian-mediated ceasefire agreement between Israel and the terrorist factions of Gaza has come into effect this Monday morning (local time), according to Israeli and Gazan media.

The first reports of a possible ceasefire mediated by Egypt and the UN came out shortly before midnight which was supposed to take effect immediately.

However, rocket launches and IDF attacks in Gaza continued through the night, albeit the intensity of the fire exchange diminished somewhat as the hours passed.

The IDF estimates that more than 600 rockets were fired by Hamas into southern Israel. Approximately 400 have fallen on uninhabited ground, while the rest managed to reach Israeli cities and towns. The Iron Dome air defense system was able to intercept 86 percent of the ones that reached populated areas.

The IDF has retaliated throughout the conflict by hitting 320 targets in the Gaza Strip. 4 Israelis have died in the conflict, and dozens of people have received medical attention for shrapnel wounds, contusions, and anxiety. 25 Palestinians have been reportedly killed, including 7 high ranked terrorist officers.

As a preventive measure, the IDF has mobilized an armored brigade and the Golani Brigade to the Gaza border

Schools within the first 40 kilometers from the Gaza border remained closed today. Workplaces are allowed to stay open on the condition that they have a bomb shelter, and meetings of more than 300 people are restricted.