Speaking at this weeks meeting of the Special Committee on the Novel Coronavirus,  Prof. Sigal Sadetsky, head of Public Health Services at the Health Ministry, warned Israel to brace for a 2nd COVID-19 wave

“I’m sorry to say, the disease is coming back. We see a clear correlation between the opening of the economy and a rise in morbidity. There is a significant increase in the number of corona cases all over the country, with an emphasis on children. Thirty children in a classroom is not really congruent with the ‘Purple Badge’ (guidelines).”

​Prof. Sadetsky said there is an increase in the morbidity rate in 57 communities, “and this is not a statistic that can be ignored.”

She explained that the increase in corona cases throughout the country cannot be explained by the increased pace of testing asymptomatic virus carriers, because the number of detected positive cases among those tested is growing, while an increase in the number of tests should have led to a decrease in the percentage of positive cases among the general population. ​

As per this reports, there have been a total of 19,637 COVID-19 infections and 303 deaths.