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Published On: Jul 03, 2012

Albert Eintein's writings go Online

All of the writings of Albert Einstein, both scientific and personal, have been put online by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Einstein left all of his intellectual legacy to Hebrew U. and now the university is sharing them with the world over the Internet.

Hebrew U. officials say it is an enormous responsibility to be the caretakers of the works of one of the greatest geniuses of our times.  In addition to his equations and theories, the online archive also includes personal documents. In this letter, for example, Einstein writes to his step daughter, denying accusations that he cheated on his wife, calling her “mishigena”.  In another letter, Einstein corresponds with a leader from the Ezel Jewish underground group in Palestine. Regarding the establishment of an independent jewish state in Palestine, Einstein answers that he is in favor of a national homeland, but not to a jewish stsate in Palestine, preferring to see a bi-national state following an agreement with the arabs. 

When asked about the jewish underground groups like the ezel, Einstein calls them a disaster. But when the moment of truth came, he supported the struggle for an independent jewish state.  Einsteins important works and private letters, now available, for all to see. 

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