A man who arrived at the railway station in Atlit decided for a reason that is still unclear to jump from the platform and lay on the tracks. The train driver, who was unable to stop the train in time, was sure that the man was killed but security camera footage of the incident revealed otherwise.

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For reasons that are still unclear, a man jumped onto the train tracks at the railway station in Atlit. The train continued going after the man had jumped but a short while later he managed to get back on his feet and get himself out of harm’s way.

In security camera footage of the incident, the man can be seen jumping onto the tracks and laying on the rails. The train, which does not manage to stop in time, appears to run him over and the train driver is certain that the man has been killed. But the footage later revealed that after the train had left the station, the man got up and walked onto the platform as if nothing had happened.

“I approached the Atlit railway station and saw a young man standing on the platform,” the train driver recounted. “At the very last moment, I noticed that he was nearing the edge and going down (onto the tracks). I activated the emergency brakes. I closed my eyes and ears, of course, so as not to hear or feel the horrible arrival.”

The driver immediately reported the incident to the Israel Railways management. Police forces were summoned to the scene and a short while later the man was arrested. At this point it is still unclear whether the man was trying to commit suicide or if the incident was rather part of some kind of game of courage. “It was a horrible thing,” the driver concluded. “I’m glad he’s alive but it’s a horrible thing.”