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  • Trump leads in polls
  • Katz builds light rail in West Bank
  • Comptroller’s report: Major failures to combat road safety

Just days before the elections in the US, according to recent polls by ABC, Republican candidate Donald Trump is leading. However, Clinton may still be leading in the number of electors.  Trump continued to berate Clinton and her email fiasco.  Clinton continued to attack Trump on his foreign policy and lack of government experience. President Barak Obama, who is campaigning for Clinton, even used Halloween to denounce Trump. Despite his series of scandals, Trump still seems to have avid supporters. According to the ABC polls, Trump is ahead of Clinton 46-45%.  In a CNN poll, Clinton has a clear advantage.

The minister of transportation, Yisrael Katz has decided to lay rails for a light rail in settlements in the West Bank. The train will connect the light rail settlements in the West Bank to the light rail in Jerusalem.  It is feared that this may further harm US-Israel relations. Minister Katz stated: “I see all of Jerusalem as one entity – including Beit Shemesh, Gush Etzion.  No one can place an arbitrary line to divide the city.”

The Vakilla family lost 3 sisters in a car accident in a location which is specifically known as dangerous.  In the financial section of a recent report, the comptroller called the high rate of traffic accidents in Israel a crisis. The report severely criticized the Ministry of Transportation and the National Authority for Road Safety for failing to take care of possible dangers to those on the roads especially in areas known to be hazardous to drivers as well as properly training drivers. It was stated that the number of deaths by road accidents climbed from 290 in 2012 to 356 in 2015. It also stated that the Ministry did not use the full budget allowed. Out of the 135 million shekels allotted in 2015, only 105 million shekels were utilized.

The first Moscow International Conference on Combating Anti-Semitism opened on Tuesday. Russia was lauded for attempts to crack down on anti-Semitic incidents as opposed to Europe where the incidents are rampant. Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan was on hand. “The BDS movement strives to deligitmize Israel. We hope to engage the participants of this conference to battle their efforts.”

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