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  • Obama wins support for Iran deal in Congress
  • Budget presented to Knesset
  • Two Knesset members resign

President Barak Obama rallied support in the Congress to approve the proposed deal with Iran. The crucial 34th vote came from Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland.  Mikulski declared that the agreement was the best way to restrain Iran’s nuclear ambitions.  While the Republicans hope to use a congressional resolution of disapproval later this month, Mikulski’s backing gives supporters the margin they need to uphold an expected Obama veto of that disapproval. After the vote, US Secretary of State John Kerry stated that he understands Prime Minister Netanyahu’s concerns regarding the deal.


Finance Minister Moshe Kachlon presented the budget for next year in the Knesset on Wednesday for a first reading. Kachlon stated that there was a surplus in the national budget which he will use to reduce taxes. “This budget bodes well for education, the cost of living and health,” he said. “The priorities have been reset for our current reality.” Opposition members accused Kachlon of retracting claims that there was a great deficit in the budget earlier and warned of a disaster if the country’s income does not remain high. Opposition leader Isaac Herzog stated, “This is a clearance sale by Netanyahu and Kachlon. You sold us out. The Israeli public has lost its trust in this government.”


There was a wave of resignations in the Knesset on Wednesday.  Rabbi Shai Piron, Yesh Atid member and former Minister of Education announced that he would leave the Knesset. As Education Minister, Piron succeeded in passing various reforms such as summer school sessions, which he encouraged the current minister, Naftali Bennett to continue.  “I am leaving to return to my true passion, education,” he stated. “I need to work with students, a blackboard and chalk Sharon Gal, from the Yisrael Beiteinu party also announced his resignation minutes later. Gal will return to the world of journalism where he believes he will make his true mark.


Following repeated terrorist attacks on the 443 highway near Jerusalem, the Prime Minister’s office has decided to beef up security in the area. The government will add intelligence and observation points to aid in this effort.  The cabinet made it clear that there will be zero tolerance for rock throwing in the area.  


Firefighters were called to put out a brush fire in the Mount of Olives cemetery on Wednesday. After putting out the fire, it was determined that it was caused by arson.  In addition, several gravestones were vandalized.

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