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  • In exclusive interview for CH 2 news Russian PM says he doesn’t care who will be the next US president
  • Police to probe alleged sexual harassment by Hapoalim CEO
  • Netanyahu and Kahlon agree to set a panel to probe cost of public broadcaster reform

In an exclusive interview for channel 2 news Russia’s prime minister Dmitry Medvedev talked about the US elections saying that no one seriously thought that Russia could influence the American people’s choice in any way and that he didn’t really care who would be elected to be the next President of the United States.

Channel 2 news reported on Tuesday that former Hapoalim employee complained that former CEO of Bank Hapoalim, Tzion Kenan sexually assaulted her during a visit abroad, after both went out drinking in the evening. This took place 10 years ago, and the employee recently decided to file a complaint.Following this incident, the bank had appointed Judge (ret.) Steve Adler, former president of the Labor Court, who determined that no sexual harassment took place, while also ruling an increased severe pay for the employee, which is estimated at 4 million shekels. Bank Hapoalim said in response that the employee had received enlarged severance pay, following the recommendation of Judge Adler, who discovered that the employee was promised a personal contract with improved conditions, but was in fact paid less. The bank added that there was no connection between the severance pay and the investigation, which was found to be proper.The Bank of Israel had not been aware of the sexual harassment complaint against the former CEO of Bank Hapoalim, Zion Kenan, and is expected to launch an investigation on this issue. The Israel Securities Authority said that it would also investigate the matter. Meanwhile Israel Chemicals CEO Stefan Borgas announced he was stepping down as CEO of Israel Chemicals, just as the company’s board was due to discuss an internal investigation that concluded he had sexually harassed an addition according to an agreement the employee will receive a compensation of a million shekels.

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon agreed to set up a committee to investigate the cost of reforming the existing public broadcaster. The panel will submit its recommendations within three weeks, and a decision on the future of the broadcaster will be delayed until then. The committee will include the directors of the finance and communication ministries, as well as Netanyahu’s chief of staff and the head of the Treasury’s budgets department.

Prime Minister Netanyahu slammed non-Orthodox Jewish movements and pluralistic prayer advocates Wednesday, over a march and prayer service they held at the women’s section of Jerusalem’s Western Wall earlier in the day, in protest of ongoing restrictions on non-Orthodox worship at the foot of Judaism’s holiest site.

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