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  • IDF continues to withdraw from Gaza on ground, air strikes and Gaza rocket fire continue
  • Lt. Hadar Goldin laid to rest after IDF determines his death in Gaza
  • Gaza border residents afraid to return to their homes

On Day 27 of Operation Protective Edge, rocket fire continued from Gaza to the Ashkelon area; 1 rocket landed near a school without injuries, a Chabad delegation was injured by mortar fire when they brought packages and cheer to the soldiers on the border. Rockets were also fired on Tel Aviv.
If this rocket fire should continue, the IDF may have to return to an expanded ground incursion.


These photos of armored personnel carriers leaving Gaza reflect the changing strategy of the IDF. Throughout the night, as Israeli soldiers left Gaza, air strikes continued on Jebaliah. 1 soldier was wounded by a sniper near Beit Hanoun. The IDF continued to search for tunnels and destroy them. A Givati brigade found an extensive arsenal of weapons. The operation has not exactly ended; the methods and strategy have changed. One reservist, Daniel Haziz, expressed that it was very difficult, feeling that they left without finishing the mission. At the Kerem Shalom crossing, trucks were brought in with humanitarian aid — food, medicine, diesel. One intelligence official stated: we knew about the tunnels, but we never imagined the extent of this underground terror labyrinth.

Photos of the tunnel where Lt. Hadar Goldin was captured and killed were released showing motorcycles hidden in the tunnel in order to aid Hamas in kidnapping soldiers and to leave the tunnel opening before forces could reach them.

10,000 people answered his family’s request and attended Lt. Hadar Goldin’s funeral in Kfar Saba on Sunday. His father, Dr. Simcha Goldin, eulogized him, “You can all take something from my son — he did everything he could to make this world better. Do not hate one another.” His fiancée, Edna tearfully added, “I so wanted to be your bride. I didn’t think you would leave me alone so early. I didn’t have time to learn your secret.” His twin, Zur said the following,” We never needed words, we were always connected. We are two; we live together and will never be separated.” Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, a relative of Goldin wrote on his Face book: I knew him since he was born. He went on a mission to return quiet to the people of Israel. As of Saturday evening, the family and hundreds of friends and family prayed for his return. At midnight, the IDF Rabbi delivered the heartbreaking news that they had determined that he was dead.

According to a Channel 2 news survey — 35% of Israelis were for leaving Gaza and 56% against. 62 % were satisfied by Netanyahu’s leadership throughout the operation.

These women from kibbutzim on the border with Gaza have been waiting to return to their homes. Liat Nakar was confused, “Netanyahu said we should return, but the rocket fire continues.” Sivan from another Gaza border Kibbutz stated, “Until I know that terrorists won’t pop up next to my home, I won’t return.” These children are enjoying the hospitality of Kibbutz Revivim. The older children understand the meaning of the war and are afraid to return to their home. After, a month without his family on kibbutz Kerem Shalom, Amit decided that he would bring them back. Most of the residents have not returned. Amit lamented, “I don’t live in Switzerland, I didn’t think it would end quickly. I’m not surprised it’s taking so long.”

Three other officers killed in Gaza were also laid to rest on Sunday. Staff Sergeant Liel Gidoni , 20 from the Givati brigade, Captain Liran Adir Edri, 31 from the Barak Brigade and Captain Omri Tal , 22 from the Golani brigade. May their memories be a blessing.

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