Sat. Dec 3, 2016 Israel News

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  • After hours of questioning about the misuse of State funds, Sarah Netanyahu will not be indicted
  • IDF Chief of Staff speaks for the first time on the Buchris sexual misconduct affair
  • Lieberman tells the Saban Forum in Washington that Israel should wait to vote on the outpost legislation bill until President-elect Trump takes office

After being questioned by the police’s anti-corruption unit for more than 11 hours into Friday morning, First Lady Sara Netanyahu will not be indicted for suspected misuse of state funds by the Netanyahu family. Netanyahu’s interrogation follows the questioning over the last month of key players and former Netanyahu official residence employees. The first lady maintains that all the allegations against her are fabricated.

IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot released a statement on Saturday about the Buchris sexual misconduct affairs asserting that there will be zero tolerance of sexual crimes in the IDF. Eizenkot added that the offenses Buchris admitted to, have no place in the IDF either in active service or in the reserves and that the IDF won’t hesitate to take drastic measures, even in cases involving high ranking officers.

Israeli Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman, speaking at the Saban Forum in Washington, said that Israel needs to wait on the outpost regulation bill and that he hopes President-elect Trump will play an active role in the Middle East.

And finally, hundreds of people flocked to Israel’s Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights on Saturday to enjoy the first snowfall of the season. While visitors went sledding and built snowmen and rode the cable car to the top, there is still not enough snow for skiing.

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