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  • Israel braces for the great storm
  • Exclusive interview with Netanyahu — blames Olmert government for housing crisis
  • Three life sentences for terrorist responsible for kidnapping and murder of three Israeli youths in June

Israel continued to brace itself and prepare for the expected storm in Israel Tuesday night. Snowplows and armored personnel carriers were readied for the great snow in the north and Jerusalem. Jerusalem already cancelled school for Wednesday. The city was prepared to close all roads into Jerusalem with the first snowfall. Residents cleared out food supplies from the supermarkets. The electric company set up generators for the storm. However, private citizens were not prepared to chance the loss of electricity and set up their own generators. Most tourist attractions in the north will be closed from Wednesday. This did not stop Israelis from travelling up north to witness the snow from up close. Surfers were the only people who were happy about the great winds of up to 80 kilometers per hour. 1200 homes in the city of Petach Tikvah were already reported to be without electricity on Tuesday night.

Parents of newborns decided to stay in the hospital and wait out the storm in order to be with their babies. Yehudit Shushan was born last year in the middle of the last snow storm. Luckily her father was well practiced after the multiple births in their family. Social workers in Jerusalem combed the city in order to find shelter for the city’s homeless. In an exclusive Channel 2 news interview with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he cited successes in stopping the infiltration from the southern border and improved infrastructure in transportation. He blamed former Prime Minister Olmert for the rising prices of housing because his government decided to cease construction of new housing in the center of the country. He also said that in the current situation where the Palestinians asked for the UN to recognize a Palestinian state and join the International Courts, he cannot see the establishment of a Palestinian state. Police have collected evidence against former defense minister and Labor MK Binyamin Ben-Eliezer for committing fraud, bribery, breach of trust, and laundering money. Allegations claim that beginning in 2006, when Ben-Eliezer was the National Infrastructure Minster, he accepted large-scale bribes from various associates to help advance their business interests. Police also recommended indicting business men Jackie Ben Zaken, Avraham Nanikashvilli, and 8 others. Hamas denied that political leader Khaled Mashal was expelled from Qatar. CNN reported that Mashal was to be deported and move to Turkey following the reconciliation between Qatar and Egypt.

Three life sentences in prison were given to the Hamas terrorist responsible for the abduction and murder of the three Israeli youths in June, one of the catalysts for Operation Protective Edge. Hussam Kawasme, 40, admitted that he also helped to bury the three boys, Eyal Yifrach, Naftali Fraenkel, and Gila Shaar and sheltered the other terrorists after the event. He was ordered to pay NIS 250,000 ($63,000) to each family in compensation for their murders. Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein is considering indicting MK Haneen Zoabi (Balad) for incitement and disgracing a public servant. The charges refer to an incident in which Zoabi had called Israeli-Arab police officers “traitors,” implied threats against them and told a protesting crowd to spit in their faces. Zoabi refused to appear twice when summoned by the police for questioning. Nehama Rivlin, wife of President Reuven Rivlin met with children of the Alyn Organization to Aid Disabled Children in the President’s home on Tuesday. She called for greater integration of people with disabilities into the job market and acceptance of those who are different.

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