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  • Trump criticizes Obama: “Worst thing to ever happen to Israel”
  • In final argument military prosecutor claims Elor Azaria lied
  • 13-year-old Palestinian terrorist sentenced to 12 years in prison

On the eve of the US elections most of the latest polls indicate that the outcome of this presidential race will be very close. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump delivered a speech Monday in Florida. During his speech, Trump attacked US President Barack Obama, calling him “the worst thing to ever happen to Israel.” Earlier FBI Director James Comey stated that the new emails that were investigated have not changed the July decision against indicting Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s Campaign immediately responded, welcoming the FBI Director’s announcement saying they were glad that this matter was resolved. Trump responded differently. Meanwhile Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the US elections at the beginning of the Likud faction meeting. “Whatever the results, the relationship between the US and Israel will continue to be strong, based on our shared values of freedom, democracy, and progress. The American people see Israel as a unique and faithful ally.”

The military prosecutor submitted to the Jaffa military court his final arguments against IDF soldier Elor Azaria. The prosecutor claimed that the evidence that was presented to the court shows that Azaria is guilty of manslaughter and inappropriate behavior. According to the prosecutor, the videos from the scene “are very authentic and were not edited or changed in any way.” The prosecutor also said that Azaria lied and changed his story five times. “His claim that everyone is lying is problematic,” the prosecutor explained. “It’s impossible that the company commander, battalion commander, brigade commander and a significant number of his comrades are lying and he’s the only one speaking the truth.”

Terrorist Ahmed Manasra was sentenced to 12 years in prisonon Monday. Manasra’s sentencing at the Jerusalem District Court comes about a year after the terror attack occurred and about half a year after he was convicted. Manasra was 13 years old when he carried out the stabbing attack.. Manasra and his cousin stabbed a Haredi young man and a 13-year-old in Pisgat Ze’ev in October 2015. The 13-year-old boy was seriously injured. Manasra’s cousin was eliminated by police officers. “Although we are talking about minors, the punishment is typically a prison sentence,” wrote the judges in their verdict.

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