Fri. Jan 8, 2016 Israel News

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  • Police beef up security in Tel Aviv following alert
  • Two East Jerusalem residents indicted for planning terror attacks
  • ISIS claims responsibility for Giza shooting terror attack

Update: Tel Aviv terrorist eliminated by Israeli forces – Full Report

Following a police assessment meeting, and amid reports of a terror alert in the Tel Aviv area, it was decided on Friday to raise the alertness level and beef up security in crowded places across the city, mainly in its northern part. Police blocked roads and performed scans. In addition to the high level of alertness in Tel Aviv, police continue the extensive searches for the Tel Aviv terrorist Naasaht Milhem in northern Israel, near his place of residence. The main focus is in places such as Kafr Qara, Ar’ara and other towns in the Wadi Ara region.

The Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office on Friday indicted two residents of East Jerusalem, who are suspected of collaborating with members of Hamas in planning to carry out terror attacks against Israelis. The indictment also states that they planned to place a bomb under a stage at Arena Hall, ahead of a scheduled speech by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

A day after the shooting incident in Egypt, the ISIS terror organization took responsibility for the terror attack claiming it was carried out in response to organization leader Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi’s call . There were dozens of Israeli Arabs for Um El Fahem on the bus. However, Egyptian authorities claim the motive for the attack was criminal.

Heavy rain storms hit Northern Israel causing streams to over flow. A surprise dust storm with strong winds hit Central Israel resulting in cancelled flights and possible health problems due to the high levels of air pollution. Despite the stormy weather 2200 runners participated in the 39th sea of galilee  Tiberius marathon.

And now for this week’s headlines

Sat jan 2nd- Manhunt continues in Tel Aviv for terrorist

Two murdered in attack identified as Alon Bacall and Shimon Reumi

Netanyahu: We will not accept two states here; one of law and one which refuses to accept the laws

Sun jan 3rd- Massive manhunt for Tel Aviv terror suspect continues

Attack victims laid to rest

Identity of suspect and details regarding Duma arson revealed

Mon jan 4th- Father of Tel Aviv Terrorist calls on his son to turn himself in

Hezbollah bomb explodes near IDF forces on Israel Lebanon border

Police question Sara Netanyahu for second time over residence controversy

Tues jan 5th- IDF officer killed in accident in training base

Police search for terrorist continues into 5th day

Father of suspected terrorist Milhem arrested

Wed jan 6th- Day 6 in search of Tel Aviv shooter terrorist

Former US Envoy to Israel Martin Indik relays Netanyahu quote: Rabin would have failed

Sabbath Law put on hold

Thurs jan 7th- Shin Bet thwarted a Hamas plan to abduct an Israeli

Father of Tel Aviv terrorist’s arrest extended till Sunday

Haredi protesters riot to prevent baby’s autopsy

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