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  • Following a Channel 2 News investigation, Knesset speaker suspends his deputy Oren Hazan
  • Other revelations about Hazan: Numerous casino guest tell of call girls organized for clients at the casino managed by Hazan
  • Outgoing British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould in an exclusive interview with Channel 2 News on the boycott, anti-Semitism and the British media

A Channel 2 News investigation which aired on Monday evening has prompted the Speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein to suspend his deputy Oren Hazan from conducting Knesset plenums until further notice. The report revealed that Hazan allegedly used hard drugs and coordinated escort services for clients at the casino he managed in Bulgaria before entering politics. An employee at the casino told Channel 2 News of business ties between Hazan’s casino and the Red Rose strip club. Hazan denies the allegations and says he doesn’t know any of the employees. Edelstein says he hopes that the accusations against Hazan will prove false but that his loyalty is to the ethical and moral considerations of the Knesset. He says that if his decision to suspend Hazan has no base, he will apologize. An official Bulgarian source says that Hazan is a persona non grata in Bulgaria and that it has been requested that he be removed from any activities between the two countries. Hazan intends to file a libel suit against Channel 2 News.

Following Education Minister Naftali Bennett’s announcement yesterday that an additional teaching assistant will be added to nursery schools and will be partly financed by the municipalities, he said on Tuesday that there is no funding for the reform and that parents will have to pay for the teaching assistant themselves. At the same time, parents in various cities throughout Israel continue to protest overcrowding in the classrooms.

Leaders of the Druze community in northern Israel are conducting talks with the Israeli security establishment to express their concern about their brothers over the border in Syria as ISIS gains a stronger foothold in the area. The United States is also involved in the discussions on how to protect the Druze from the growing threat.

US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey received a badge of appreciation from IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-General Gadi Eisenkot at a ceremony held at IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv on Tuesday. Dempsey, on an official visit since Monday, also met with Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and other officials from the security establishment.

Outgoing British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould said on Tuesday that with the BDS movement gaining momentum, he is worried about mainstream British opinion. Gould says that opinion has shifted in the British parliament and that there are fewer members willing to stand up for Israel. He says at the same time that global studies reveal that Great Britain is one of the least anti-Semitic countries. Gould has been the Ambassador to Israel for 5 years since he was 39 and he leaves behind many friends on both the right and left. He will return to Britain with his wife and two Israeli-born children to assume a role in preventing cyber-attacks again Great Britain.

And finally, friends of the late entertainer Uzi Hittman performed a concern in his honor on Monday night. Among them was his close friend Yigal Bashan who performed for the first time since his hospitalization in moderate condition last year.

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