Wed. Aug 10, 2016 Israel News

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  • Judoka Yarden Gerbi wins bronze, becomes first Israeli medalist in Rio 2016
  • Local Authorities Federation threatens major strike on first day of school due to budget cuts
  • Palestinian who infiltrated into Israel from Gaza caught by IDF 24 hours later

Israeli judoka Yarden Gerbi on Tuesday became the first Israeli medalist at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, winning a bronze medal in the women’s under 63kg competition. 27-year-old Gerbi dominated the fight against her Japanese rival Miku Tashiro from its very beginning, scoring a yuko and a waza-ari by throwing Tashiro to the ground twice within the first 30 seconds. Meanwhile Israeli judoka Linda Bolder missed her chance at winning a gold or silver medal at the Rio Olympics Wednesday, but she still has a chance to win the bronze.

The Israel Local Authorities federation on Wednesday announced that municipal systems would go on strike starting August 31 over planned changes to the Economic Arrangements Law that they say could seriously harm local authorities. The strike will, in practice, also affect the education system, as it will include all municipality and local council employees making it almost impossible to operate the educational institutions. The municipality heads claim that the amendment to the law which the government is scheduled to discuss Thursday will include some 2 billion shekels cuts to local authorities.  Meanwhile the Finance and Medical Association reached a breakthrough in the negotiations between them and there is a high chance that the strike scheduled for Thursday will be canceled, although The Medical Association continues to claim that the strike will be held as announced.

A Palestinian from Gaza crossed the border into Israel after being identified but it took the IDF 24 hours to locate him. The suspect was caught in the end only after advancing 15 kilometers into Israel near the city of Netivot. The Gaza Division will investigate how he managed to penetrate so deeply into Israel. The Palestinian crossed the border fence in the area of the Eshkol Regional Council. He was detected at an observation post near the border but managed to pass it. At the same moment, he appeared out of the sight of the observation post. UAVs and ground patrols began to attempt to locate him. The Security Forces conducted a hunt that lasted an entire day. However, the incident ended peacefully. The Border Police located a man walking alone in the field and decided to stop him. The suspect was arrested and was investigated by the Shin Bet. It was determined that this was not a security incident.Fortunately, the Palestinian was not armed but the very fact that he was able to cross into Israel is a warning sign.

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