Tue. Sep 10, 2013 Israel News

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  • Israel to pay compensation of NIS 4 million to family of prisoner x
  • Putin promises Assad will destroy Syria’s chemical weapons; Obama agrees to wait.
  • Dramatic recordings from Yom Kippur War

Released for publication: The State of Israel has agreed to pay compensation to the family of Ben Zygier, the Mossad agent who committed suicide in an Israeli prison three years ago. According to the agreement, Israel will pay four million shekels over four years to the family, but will not admit responsibility for Zygier’s death.

The Syrian government officially announced on Tuesday that it will accept a Russian initiative to put Syria’s chemical weapons under international inspection. The initiative is an effort to prevent US military action in Syria intended to punish Syrian President Bashar Assad for a chemical attack that killed hundreds near Damascus in August. The UN Security Council convened an emergency session on Syria Tuesday night. Although the US agrees that a diplomatic solution is preferable, President Barack Obama continued his efforts to convince Congress of the need for military action. Obama told the media he is willing to give diplomacy a chance, but has not ruled out the military option. Secretary of State John Kerry evoked Israel to convince the Congress to give a green light to military action.

This week marks 40 years since the Yom Kippur War. Dramatic audio recordings from the war reveal the subject of a meeting at Air Force Headquarters between then Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, IDF Chief of Staff David Elazar and Israel Air Force Commander Beni Peled. The three debated operations including a plan to destroy Syrian missile batteries along the Golan Heights. Operation Model resulted in the death of two crewmen and the capture of nine by the Syrians.

Former President Moshe Katsav returned to prison on Tuesday after his first 24-hour leave. Katsav, who began serving a seven-year sentence for rape and other sex offences a year and nine months ago, is expected to be granted another leave in about a month.

And finally: Selichot, the ancient penitential prayers recited in preparation for Judaism’s High Holidays, Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, have become a hot tourism trend in recent years. An estimated one million Israelis and tourists will have flocked to the Western Wall during the Days of Awe. The visitors enjoy nighttime tours, lectures and musical performances.

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