Thu. Feb 13, 2014 Israel News

  • Video Editor: Shai Rosen

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  • Director of Hadassah Hospital in stormy meeting with strike’s leaders
  • Former Supreme Court Judge Dorner joins race for Israel’s president
  • Rabbi Pinto responds to indictment

Interns joined the doctors in the ninth day of protest at Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem. The hospital once again worked on an emergency basis. Inside the hospital, patients who were scheduled to have critical medical tests were told they would have to wait until next week. The doctors and nurses have still not received their salaries from January. Dr. Avigdor Kaplan, the director of Hadassah hospital is scheduled to meet with representatives of the Workers Union to resolve the situation. The workers are considering an escalation of the protest.

Today, Israel was reminded how dependent we are on using our credit cards. For hours, thousands of customers were unable to use their credit cards in businesses across Israel. Major businesses included grocery stores and gas stations. Rami Levi of the Rami Levi chain, said that even worse than the loss of a million shekels, was the dissatisfaction of the customers. The failure was caused by a faulty file transferred by the automatic banking system to the credit card companies. The dollar rate was listed as 0 shekels. By the afternoon, Israelis were happily using their credit cards once again.

At the age of 80, after a glorious career in Israel’s justice system, including Supreme Court Judge, Dalia Dorner is joining the race for president of Israel. She believes it is high time for a woman to serve as President. Other leading candidates include Likud MKs Reuven Rivlin and Negev Minister Silvan Shalom, Labor’s Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, and former MK and Jewish Agency head Natan Sharansky. Ministers Avigdor Liberman and Yair Lapid are seen as central in the decision making process regarding this position.

Thousands from the right arrived in the West Bank to protest for the building in the E1 area and against the negotiations with the Palestinians. Various Knesset members of the right were on hand to speak, including Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon and Deputy Foreign Minister Ze’ev Elkin.
The Attorney General’s office decided to indict Rabbi Yehoshua Pinto who is suspected of bribing a police officer in return for information regarding a secret police investigation. Rabbi Pinto, currently in the US, responded to the developments in the bribery case. He sent a letter to his followers saying that he had been going through a very trying time. “All of the terrible rumors being spread will not affect me. In the end, the truth will be revealed.”
And finally Israeli figure skater Alexei Bychenko advanced to the finals of the Men’s Figure Skating Short Program in the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Despite a spill on the ice, his performance was deemed outstanding.

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