Sat. Jun 13, 2015 Israel News

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  • Culture Minister Regev to Israeli cultural institutions: I decide who gets the money
  • Lapid calls out Opposition Chairman on his decision to offset votes in the Knesset
  • Rouhani: Iran won’t allow nuclear inspections to jeopardize state secrets

Israel’s new Culture Minister Miri Regev’s position on state funding for cultural bodies continued to raise hackles. She said: “We got 30 Knesset seats, you got a total of 20.” Responding to the question “who is this you” that she was referring to, Regev said, “We know that the left attributes culture to itself, we don’t need to get confused about who the public is, and who the public chose.” Regev made clear that she is the person who will choose who gets state arts funding. “The government doesn’t have to support culture. I can decide where the money goes. The artists will not dictate to me. “

Yair Lapid, head of the Yesh Atid party criticized opposition leader Isaac Herzog Saturday, saying Herzog had provided a safety net to embattled Likud MK Oren Hazan. Hazan has been accused of allegedly pimping out call girls, and taking drugs while serving as a casino boss in Bulgaria, ” corruption is taking over Likud party politics – so why should we jump to save the Likud,” Lapid said. Lapid’s remarks referred to Herzog’s decision to offset votes and debates with the coalition in the Knesset, so that the coalition can deal with the Hazan affair without fear of Hazan’s retribution based absence during important votes, and thus threaten the coalition’s governance.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday he would not put state secrets at risk in the country’s nuclear negotiations, becoming the latest senior official to express reservations about intrusive inspections sought by world powers, and the talk’s nearing deadline. Meanwhile US secretary of state John Kerry who left the hospital on crutches after breaking his leg said….

Palestinian media outlets released a video of an IDF soldier beating and cursing a Palestinian during riots that took place on Friday, in the vicinity of Beit El in Judea and Samaria. In the video, the soldier is later joined by other soldiers. The documentation shows one of the soldiers punching the Palestinian and cursing him. Afterwards, additional soldiers are shown joining him. In the background, Palestinians are seen stoning the IDF force. The circumstances leading up to the incident are unclear.

And finally Bosnia defeated Israel 3-1 in a tense match for the Euro Cup qualifiers on Friday. Israel took the lead, but were quickly pegged back and overwhelmed. The defeat badly dents Israel’s chances of making it to the tournament finals.

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