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  • Police rule out terror attempt in Tel Aviv following alarming report
  • First sexual harassment complaint made against former Likud minister Silvan Shalom
  • Rivlin set to meet Putin after Syrian withdrawal

Police carried out an extensive manhunt in Tel Aviv on Tuesday morning after a reported stabbing attempt. An IDF soldier claimed that a terrorist had pulled a knife on him near Sde Dov airport. However, at the end of a two-hour-long search, the police concluded the incident was not nationally-motivated and found that the alleged attacker had been a homeless person with whom the soldier had gotten into a fight. The suspect has been captured by the police, and it is still not clear whether or not he was indeed carrying a knife.


Earlier, IDF Border Police troops arrested a 17-year-old Palestinian woman who was planning to carry out a stabbing attack near an Israeli settlement in the West Bank. After receiving intelligence from the army, the soldiers pulled over a taxicab in which the woman was sitting and discovered a large knife in her purse. She was later handed over to security forces for further investigation.

A woman has filed a complaint with the police against former Likud minister Silvan Shalom for sexual harassment. Shalom decided to resign from politics about three months ago amid several allegations of sexual misconduct, though this is the first official complaint being made against him. The woman claimed that the former minister touched her hair and leg without her consent when she was visiting his home over three years ago. She had also sent him a letter through her lawyer in which she demanded compensations of 700,000 shekels from Shalom in order to buy her silence, attaching a private polygraph test she had undergone that proved she was telling the truth.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin will meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, following the latter’s dramatic decision to withdraw most of the Russian fighting forces from Syrian soil. Rivlin is expected to tell Putin that the Israeli position is that any resolution on the Syrian issue must not strengthen Iran and Hezbollah. IDF Chief Gadi Eizenkot revealed on Tuesday that the military intelligence services were surprised by Putin’s decision.

Chairman of the Zionist Union, MK Isaac Herzog has decided to fire his strategic advisor Moti Morel, after the Supreme Court ruled that Morel had been involved in a smear campaign against a well-known lawyer. Morel had convinced several women to falsely accuse the lawyer of rape and other sexual offences. The Court has also ordered to pay over a million shekels in damages to the lawyer.

In a televised interview in Kuwait, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas said he does not support an armed Intifada. He added that if the Palestinians want him to step down, he will do so immediately.

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