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  • Assassinated engineer confirmed as Hamas member
  • Police prepare for outpost evacuation
  • Katzav up for parole

After the mysterious assassination of a Tunisian aviation engineer with ties to Hamas, Israel is being blamed. Hamas has confirmed that Mohammed Al-Zoari was a member of the military wing of their organization. Al Zoari was shot at point-blank range while in his car in the city of Sfax in Tunisia on Thursday.  Hamas further reported that he was instrumental in a project developing drones for Hamas in Gaza. A Lebanese newspaper reported that the killed Tunisian aviation engineer also worked with Hezbollah and was killed by the Israeli Mossad. In an interview on television, a friend stated that Al-Zoari had traveled abroad from Tunisia on various occasions after the revolution there. “He visited the bordering countries of the Zionist entity,” he said. “He went to Gaza three times through the tunnels.” Al Zoari was buried on Friday in the presence of his family. Al-Zoari allegedly met with a reporter from Hungary before his assassination. She returned to Hungary before the incident. It is suspected that she was involved in planning the assassination. In the ongoing investigation in Tunisia, local authorities reported, however, that they do not believe a foreign agent was involved in the incident.

The Israeli Army and police forces have been preparing for the upcoming evacuation of the illegal outpost, Amona, in the coming days. The exact date has not been set. Entire wings of 4 different prisons have been emptied out for the expected arrests during the evacuation. Security forces are not expected to surprise the residents of Amona, meaning they will most likely not attempt to evacuate the outpost at night. Scores of people who oppose the move gathered in the illegal outpost recently, including far-right Israeli youth. The community’s leaders have officially called for “non-violent resistance”, although it is feared that the incident may turn violent. The residents have expressed a desire to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu also urged protesters to avoid clashing with IDF forces.

Habayit Hayehudi MK Nissan Slomiansky has been accused of sexual harassment in multiple complaints. In light of the accusation, Habayit Hayehudi MK and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked stated, “There is no place for anyone who has committed sexual harassment in a public role. There will be a thorough investigation into this incident and we will decide whether Slomiansky will be relieved of his role in the Legislation Committee of the Knesset.”
There is a chance that former president Moshe Katzav will be paroled from prison after being convicted of rape and sexual harassment. The parole board is considering his release after Katzav’s appearance before the board the week earlier when he expressed regret for his actions. The Attorney General has stated that they will not appeal the decision of the parole board.

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