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  • IDF releases video of Palestinians responsible for Yom Kippur shooting
  • Teachers protest for salary owed
  • Thousands pray at Wall to prove Jewish connection to UNESCO

A terror attack was thwarted on Wednesday when a female terrorist attempted to stab Israeli Border Policemen near the Tapuah Junction. At around 1:00 pm, the terrorist arrived at the Tapuah Junction and ran towards Israeli Border Policemen with a knife. The policemen reacted quickly and called out for her to stop. She continued to run towards them with the knife, they shot and killed her. No policemen were injured.


The IDF has released the videos of 4 Palestinians who were arrested in connection with a West Bank shooting attack on Israeli soldiers on the eve of Yom Kippur. In the video, it is clear when one of the Palestinians raises his weapon to shoot at the soldiers. The Palestinians were spotted by female look out soldiers at the border fence near Ni’ilin.  The soldiers alerted the IDF which brought forces to stop the Palestinians. After IDF forces shot at them, the Palestinians fled. Later, IDF forces dispatched units of the Artillery and Duvdevan units which swiftly located them and arrested them.  All 4 were apprehended.  Even the vehicle which brought them to the border was found and taken.


Hundreds of teachers demonstrated in front of the Education Ministry on Wednesday morning. They demanded that they receive their salary on time and without any delays. Various teachers told of the bureaucracy they faced in encounters with the Education Ministry.  One of the teachers, Hila Sheft, said, “During the first year I worked as a teacher, I ran after the Education Ministry for 6 months to receive the money which was owed to me.” The teachers have stated that they are willing to strike if necessary. Education Minister Naftali Bennett stated, “I am determined to solve this problem on my watch. We will activate centers until we have addressed the issue for each teacher. There is nothing more important than the teachers and we will provide satisfactory answers.”  Unfortunately, the teachers who called the centre to find out when they would get the money owed them, were told that they would not receive additional funds during the Sukkot holiday.

Hundreds of protestors demonstrated in Rome against the recent decision of UNESCO which denies Jewish ties to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. Among the protestors were Italian parliament members of the right who opposed the Italian decision to abstain during the vote. Most of the demonstrators were Italian Jews who called the Italian abstention shameful.

A Turkish citizen was arrested on suspicion of committing security crimes against Israel. Orhan Buyruk was arrested three weeks ago at Ben-Gurion Airport. Buyruk is 32 years old and has visited Israel in the past as a tour guide. It is reported that Iran may have recruited Buyruk to work on their behalf. The suspect was deported on Wednesday back to Turkey after being interrogated by the Shin Bet. Buryuk was planning to guide a religious tour to Al-Aqsa Mosque. Minutes after his arrival in Israel, Buryuk wrote on his Facebook profile: “Tomorrow I’m going to Jerusalem. I heard that the dog Shimon Peres has died, I am going to bow and thank Allah in Al-Aqsa.”

An Israeli hiker in his 50s named Ariel Shreibman was killed on Tuesday in the North Indian state of Uttarakhand. Shreibman died after falling from a cliff into the Ganges River. He was traveling with his wife, their son and another couple. Rescue teams were able to extricate the body from the water.  Israel’s Foreign Affairs Ministry is aiding the family during this time.

Every year during Sukkot, thousands of Jewish worshipers make their way to the Western Wall in Jerusalem in order to hold the traditional Priestly Blessing. The blessing at the Western Wall has been a yearly occurrence ever since the Yom Kippur War. It originates from the belief that there is a special merit to a prayer chanted by hundreds of Hebrew priests (kohanim) so close to the location where the temple used to stand. Shas MK Arye Deri called on the public to attend following the UNESCO decision which denies the Jewish People’s connection to the Western Wall.

Every Sukkot, the Israeli President opens his official residence to Israeli citizens. Thousands of Israelis visited Israeli President Reuben Rivlin’s sukkah on Wednesday. He was most welcoming to the crowd. “Nehama and I are very excited to open our home, which is in essence your home.”


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