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  • Russian Ambassador to Turkey assassinated
  • MK Ghattas faces accusations of security violations
  • Israeli billionaire detained for bribes

Russia’s Ambassador in Turkey, Andrey Karlov, was assassinated on Monday by an armed gunman in Ankara while speaking at the opening of an exhibition in a museum.  After killing Karlov, the shooter shouted, “Alu Akbar. This is revenge for the slaughter in Aleppo. ” It was reported by local media that the assassin is a Turkish security guard.  Turkey is treating this incident as a terrorist attack.  The security was enhanced around the Russian embassy afterwards.  This was the first appearance of the ambassador since the Cold War last year when a Turkish jet shot down a Russian war plane over Syria.


After accusations of committing security violations MK Basel Ghattas from the Joint Arab List appeared to have disappeared and the police were unable to locate him. It was feared that he fled the country.  On Tuesday night, the MK’s spokesman stated that the police were in contact with Ghattas and set a date for him to come in for interrogation.  In addition to the accusation of sneaking in cellphones to the prison, he is also accused of bringing in encrypted notes. The Knesset recently passed a law to expel a Knesset member with a majority of votes in the Knesset.  MKs attempted to enact the law to expel Ghattas. Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid requested that Ghattas’ immunity be removed and not enact the law which would simply draw out the process. Joint List leader Aymen Odeh stated, “These are very serious allegations. It is important to launch a thorough investigation. Remember, one is not guilty until proven guilty.”   

The Israeli billionaire Benny Steinmetz has been detained on suspicion of giving bribes to the former President and wife of Guinea. It is reported that he gave them $100 million, $50 million in cash. Steinmetz is under house arrest for two weeks. The detainment followed an in-depth inquiry by the US and other governments. The bribes were allegedly given in exchange for a tender for mining assets. Steinmentz’s attorney, Yuval Sasson, said “the current process is a recycling of an old process led by the Guinean government because its corrupt president, Alpha Conde, attempted to illegally confiscate these mining rights.”

Shortly after gunshots were fired from Gaza at IDF soldiers who were working along the security fence, the IDF responded by attacking a Hamas target. According to reports, the target was destroyed by the IDF tank fire. No injuries were reported among the IDF soldiers. In addition, no damage was caused by the gunshots. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit stated: “The IDF will continue to act decisively at all times in order to ensure the security of the State of Israel.”

Eight Knesset members signed a petition to protest the parole of convicted rapist and former President Moshe Katzav. Among the female MKs were members of both the coalition and opposition including: Merav Ben Ari, Yael German and Zehava Galon. In the letter, the MKs expressed their fear that Katzav’s early parole sent the wrong message of light punishments for such crimes. Currently, the Attorney General has not decided to appeal the early parole.

In light of Syria’s crisis from the ongoing civil war, the UN approved sending international monitors for evacuating civilians from Aleppo.  Russia originally had planned to veto the move, but changed its position and stated that the UN observers must be given security in their efforts to aid in evacuating the civilian population. Close to 5,000 residents have been evacuated in the last two days.


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