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  • Cabinet passes controversial “Nation State Law” draft bill
  • Transportation minister decides to re- deploy security guards on Jerusalem buses
  • Interior Minister Erdan expels terrorist collaborator from East Jerusalem

The cabinet approved the original (Elkin-Levin-Shaked-Ilatov) version of the “Jewish Nation-State bill” on Sunday – a controversial new bill which is threatening to tear the governing coalition apart, in a 14-7 vote, which saw the coalition split in its support for the legislation. All of Yesh Atid’s ministers voted against, as did Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, while all of the Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu and Bayit Yehdui ministers voted in favor. The bill subordinates Israeli Democracy to a secondary position, as it defines Israel as first and foremost a Jewish State. In the beginning of the Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said: ” The state of Israel is the national homeland of the Jewish people. There are civil rights for all citizens and we will maintain that. But it is first and foremost a Jewish state, the world’s only Jewish state”. The debate degenerated into a free for all shouting match between Netanyahu and ministers Livni and Lapid. The PM was infuriated that Livni and Lapid refused to support the proposed bill. During the meeting, Netanyahu accused Tzipi Livni of making the mess the cabinet found itself in, yelling at her “if you had behaved otherwise, we would not find ourselves in this position”. He then said that those who show weakness do not serve the country’s interests at this time, given the current reality”. Yair Lapid then joined the conversation saying: “Prime Minister, not everyone who does not think like you is weak. Justice minister Tzipi Livni said that she would not support the bill when it goes before the Knesset for a vote on Wednesday, even if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to fire her for her decision. Livni said her core belief was that the bill was “anti-Zionist and anti-Democratic.”. Last week, following the coalition crisis generated by this proposed law, and Attorney-General Weinstein’s unequivocal rejection of it, Netanyahu had agreed to submit an alternate version to the cabinet, acceptable to Livni, Lapid and the AG.

Transportation minister Israel Katz together with Jerusalem Mayor decided to re deploy security guards on Jerusalem buses. The Ministry of Transportation will also train bus drivers in the public transportation companies in other cities , as security guards, so they will be able to deal with hostile terrorist acts .
Interior minister Gilad Ardan revoked the permanent resident status of Mahmoud Nadi, the man who drove the suicide bomber to the 2001 terror attack that targeted a night club at Tel Aviv’s Dolphinarium in June, 2001. Nadi was sentenced to a ten year prison sentence for his role in the attack. He is from an Arab village near Kfar Saba. The decision takes away Nadi’s right to Israeli social benefits including his healthcare rights and National Insurance benefits.
Hamza Magamza from a Galilee village became the first Israeli citizen to be indicted for joining the Islamic State group. police arrested him at the Ben-Gurion International Airport upon his return from Syria to Israel. During his questioning, the suspect admitted that he had left for Turkey in October and then decided to continue to Syria in order to join the Islamic State group. Magamza, was charged by the Nazareth District Court with several security related crimes. These include illegally entering an enemy country, and joining an illegal terrorist organization.
A Palestinian that approached the border did not heed the warnings of the soldiers that tried to stop him. He was shot and the Palestinian media reported later on that he died of his wounds. According to the report from the IDF, the Palestinian approached the border area that is defined as a forbidden military zone in the Jabalia area, which was set up as a buffer zone between Gaza and Israeli territory as part of the arrangements that ended Operation Protective Edge last summer. The soldiers tried to distance him from the area. At first, they fired shots in order to attempt to distance him. It was only when the Palestinian continued to approach the area that he was shot in the lower part of the body. Palestinian forces evacuated him back to Gaza. According to the reports, Fadel Mohammed Halawi, age 32, became the first fatality since the end of Operation Protective Edge last August.
Eshkol Regional Council head Haim Yalin warned: “From the beginning of November, there were 12 attempts to penetrate the Eshkol Regional Council. These incidents are increasing and present a clear danger to the residents.”


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