Sun. Oct 27, 2013 Israel News

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  • Ministers nix Bayit Yehudi bid to ban Palestinian prisoner releases
  • Livni :making every effort to reach an agreement with Palestinians despite difficulties
  • Tom Jones performs in Tel Aviv

A ministerial committee approved Sunday evening the release of 26 Palestinian prisoners as a goodwill gesture to keep U.S.-sponsored peace negotiations on course. Earlier a bill sponsored by the Bayit Yehudi Party to ban future Palestinian prisoners release failed to pass the Legislative Ministerial Committee by an eight-to-five vote. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu refrained from issuing a public statement about the impending release of Palestinian security prisoners, but told ministers from his Likud party that when it comes to this issue, “promises must be kept.”

In an exclusive interview for channel 2 news Justice Minister Tzipi Livni praised the government after it rejected a bill attempting to block the future release of Palestinian prisoners as a goodwill measure for peace talks. Regarding the peace negotiations Livni said that she was making every effort to reach an agreement without compromising Israel’s national and security interests .

Avi Malka, the owner of the ML and Jump fashion chains, as well as Office Depot Israel, is fighting for his business, after the court issued a temporary stay of proceedings against Office Depot on Friday and all stores were closed.

Experts said that the malfunctions which occurred last month in the Carmel tunnels in Haifa were caused by a sophisticated cyber assault. According to one of the experts, a Trojan horse was inserted into the tunnels’ surveillance camera system and caused severe malfunctions for two days, which led to the tunnels’ shutdown.

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation approved a bill to give new fathers eight days of paternity leave – a move with broad support on both the left and right. According to the bill, paternity leave would be made up of three paid vacation days and five sick days paid by the employer.

The largest stalactite cave in the Galilee was found during the construction project of highway 65 . since the cave is on the highway’s route engineers will have to find a way to detour the cave without causing it any damage.

The Israeli documentary bowing gracefully won the competition at the Bucharest Jewish film festival . The movie creates a journey through the past 64 years and follows central Israeli parliament who founded the newly born state of Israel

And finally Sir Tom Jones performed two sold out concerts in Tel Aviv.

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