Sat. Oct 29, 2016 Israel News

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  • Coalition Chairman Bitan pushes for the bill to shut down the controversial new public broadcasting body
  • Minister Hanegbi speaks out about unsealing all documents related to the 70-year-old missing Yemenite babies affair
  • American reporter refuses to accept apology from Israeli journalist over claims of sexual harassment
Coalition faction heads are set to meet on Sunday to discuss the bill to shut down the
controversial new public broadcasting body, with Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu seeking its closure. Coalition Chairman MK David Bitan, who is
promoting the bill, says that it is completely clear that this broadcasting authority will
be of the staunch Left. Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon is likely to be the one to tip
the scales. He opposes the bill, but is under pressure from Netanyahu to support it. A
.vote is not expected to be taken at the meeting
The late former President Shimon Peres is starring in a campaign supporting the
settlement bloc of Ma’aleh Adumim between Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley. The
aim of the campaign is to convince the Prime Minister that Ma’aleh Adumim would
.remain in Israel within the framework of a future Palestinian State
Government Minister Zachi Hanegbi is pushing the Prime Minister to open all the
sealed documents pertaining to the missing Yemenite babies affair. He says there is
no logical reason or protocol why the materials should remain sealed after 70 years.
The materials in question include statements made by caregivers of babies who
claimed to have seen Western looking individuals coming to adopt the babies.
Hanegbi also says there is no reason to believe that otherwise healthy babies would
.suddenly die under mysterious circumstances
Jewish-American reporter Danielle Berrin rebuffed the apology of prominent Israeli
journalist Ari Shavit who Berrin claims touched her in ways she did not want to be
touched and made her feel unsafe. In a statement issued by Shavit, he said he thought
the encounter constituted flirting and courtship but that he apologizes from the depths
of his heart if it was misconstrued as otherwise. Although Berrin says she’s glad that
Shavit acknowledged that the encounter took place, she doesn’t accept his apology
because he doesn’t admit to sexual assault. The Haaretz newspaper for which Shavit
works, issued a statement condemning all forms of sexual harassment and Berrin
.lauded the paper for its condemnation while maintaining that she was a victim
And finally, Education Minister Naftali Bennett’s education reform to get more high
school students to take higher level exams in math is in danger. Israeli teachers are
threatening to strike if they aren’t paid for extra classroom hours and the Education
Ministry has not responded to those demands.

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