Sat. Apr 30, 2016 Israel News

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  • Israeli officials deny reports of Israeli-German diplomatic crisis
  • UK politician wont’ take back his comments claiming Hitler was a Zionist
  • Passover ends – Israelis celebrate at Mimouna parties and buying bread

German magazine Der Spiegel reported in an article in its latest issue under the headline “Growing skepticism in Berlin over friendship with Israel” that German Chancellor Angela Merkel said after a meeting with the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Berlin two weeks ago that she “understands why Abbas always wants to turn to the UN Security Council” The article claims that Merkel was very concerned about the Israeli government’s settlement policy rendering the two-state solution impossible. It also states that she and German Foreign Minister believed that any resolution other than the two-state solution would turn Israel into an apartheid state. German officials were concerned by PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempt to use Germany’s friendship for his own political means.

Opposition Leader MK Isaac Herzog harshly responded Saturday to the remarks of high ranking UK Labor member Ken Livingstone by calling them “anti-Semitic, unfortunate and contemptible.” He added: “The last time someone drove Jews from place to place it was by train to concentration camps.” Herzog called upon Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and its members to visit Yad Vashem in order to learn the facts. Corbyn who has been under a public attack in the past few days, after two Labor MPs made controversial remarks against Israel and the Jewish people attempted to repair his party’s image. Meanwhile suspended Labor Party member Livingstone refused to take back his remarks.

And finally hundreds of thousands of Israelis took advantage of the warm spring weather to go out into nature on the last day of Passover holiday. According to Keren Kayement LeIsrael Jewish National Fund over 2 million people visited nature reserves and national parks throughout the Passover holiday, a 10 percent increase from last year. And on Saturday evening many Israelis ended the Passover holiday by celebrating at the Mimouna parties throughout the country originally celebrated by Moroccan Jews as well as visiting bakeries to buy fresh bread after a week of Matzos.

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