Sat. Jul 30, 2016 Israel News

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  • Security stepped throughout Europe following potential threats
  • Reports say Clinton’s campaign computers hacked; Russia denies involvement
  • 3 cases of suspected arson over the weekend in Eilat Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

Belgian police arrested two men suspected of planning an attack in Belgium following raids late Friday ordered by an anti-terror judge. Belgium has remained on high alert following deadly March bombings claimed by the Islamic State group in Brussels and a wave of deadly attacks in the last month in France and Germany, some of them claimed by ISIS.

Sources in the US Democratic Party reported that there was a cyber-attack on the party’s computers, including on the computers used by Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton for her presidential campaign. These reports have been denied by Clinton’s headquarters, claiming that Clinton’s cyber experts hadn’t found any evidence of a breach in the system. The US Department of Justice announced that they were investigating the matter and believed that that attack was made by a foreign state. Meanwhile Russia denied rumors that it was involved in the attack. And After Clinton’s optimistic speech at the Democratic National Convention and after her rival Donald Trump attacked her on Twitter, a survey in the US showed that Clinton took the lead by 6%. 41% of the questioned said that they will probably elect Clinton and 35% will probably elect Trump. 25% decided not to choose between the two.

3 suspected arson cases occurred over the weekends – in Jerusalem the Uman 17 a popular nightclub was totally lost in a a fire. A well- established restaurant in Eilat also suffered a fire  and the apartment of well- known chef Rafi Cohen in Tel Aviv was damaged by a fire as well . no injuries reported in the cases Police started an investigation in all three locations .

In a special interview for channel 2 news meet the press Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said in regards to the possible investigation of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu that in her opinion he didn’t have to resign or suspend himself. There was a law on the subject and a ruling that expands the law she said that only if a prime minister was indicted must he resign.  Shaked added that the law took care that such investigations would not turn into attempts of political  eliminations.

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