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  • US disagrees with Netanyahu on Iran, ISIS and Hamas, Netanyahu presents an execution in Gaza
  • Israel Police suspect construction worker was killed in act of terror
  • Israel helps transfer lions from stricken Gaza zoo to Jordan

The US state department said in a press conference that it disagrees with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s assertion during his UN speech on Monday that “ISIS and Hamas are branches of the same poisonous tree.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Monday garnered mixed responses even from his supporters such as Jewish American businessman magnate Sheldon Adelson.
Meanwhile Prime minister Netanyahu met with leaders of the Jewish Federations of North America in New York on Tuesday and said that every time he comes to the United Nations his goal it to “present the truth as it is.”

The police suspect that a 26-year-old Israeli construction worker who fell to his death two weeks ago was actually murdered for nationalistic reasons, it was cleared for publication Tuesday. The victim, Netanel Roi Arami, owned a construction company contracted to do exterior work on a hi-rise building in central Israel. During the fatal day, Arami was rappelling along the side of the Petah Tikvah building in order to seal vent openings when both his cables snapped and he fell 11 stories to his death. Over 50 workers were at the site of the time, the majority of which are Israel-Arabs and Palestinians, as well as a few Chinese nations, but none have been arrested. The workers, for their part, claim his death was an accident. Miriam, the mother of Netanel Roi Arami said “My son was murdered because he was Jewish, there’s no other reason”

Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonvitch (Yisrael Beytenu) vowed to bring a “different spirit to the police force” on Tuesday, following the sudden retirement announcement of Jerusalem District Police Commander Yossi Pariente for personal reasons. These are difficult times for the Israel police, but I have complete and total confidence that we will move past this crisis,” Aharonovitch stated.

Bat Yam Mayor Shlomi Lahiani was found guilty Tuesday of breach of trust as part of a plea bargain which will keep the popular mayor out of jail but will see him serve six months community service instead. The conviction also includes a NIS 250,000 fine and a clause of moral turpitude that will bar Lahiani from political life for the next seven years.

Two lions and a pregnant lioness were transferred Tuesday from the City Zoo in the northern Gaza Strip to a zoo in Jordan via Israel. The lions were transferred following the dreadful state the City Zoo was left in as a result of the recent war in Gaza. En route to Jordan, the three lions’ cages underwent security checks at Erez border crossing by an authorized veterinarian. The complicated operation was conducted by the international organization “Four Paws” which rescues animals in third world countries.


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