Sun. Nov 11, 2012 Israel News

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  • Israel under fire from two fronts: Syria in the north, Gaza in the south
  • IDF fires missile on Syria for the first time since 1973, in response to mortar fire on Israel
  • Gaza terrorists fire a hundred rockets on Israel’s south

Israel is under fire from two fronts: in the south, from Gaza-based terrorists, and on the northern border, due to rockets fired in the Syrian civil war. Over 100 rockets were fired on communities in Israel’s south on Sunday. Five people were wounded. In Sderot, a rocket directly hit a home but caused no injuries, and a factory was damaged. Angry Sderot residents accused the government of abandoning them to their fate. Sunday evening the IDF convened an emergency meeting to consider stepping up Israel’s response to the rocket fire. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in the weekly cabinet meeting that Israel would not remain passive in the face of attacks on its citizens and would be ready to intensify its response. Home Front Defense Minister Avi Dichter said Israel must rethink its deterrence against terror from Gaza.

The Iron Dome missile defense system deflected one of two Grad rockets that were fired on Beersheba. Southern residents are being instructed to remain near bomb shelters; children are being kept home from school. Netanyahu will meet with foreign diplomats to drum up support for a harsh Israeli response in Gaza.

The IDF struck seven terror targets overnight Saturday in Gaza in response to ongoing rocket fire and a terror attack on the Gaza-Israel border in which an anti-tank missile hit an IDF jeep and wounded four soldiers. The four are still hospitalized; one is in very serious condition.

The IDF fired a warning missile into Syria on Sunday in response to recent mortar shells fired from Syria into Israeli territory. The missile landed near a Syrian army base. It was the first time since the 1973 Yom Kippur War that the IDF has fired on Syria. Over the weekend the IDF decided to change its rules about opening fire in the Golan Heights, and to respond in kind to rocket fire from Syria. On Thursday three mortar shells fell in the Golan Heights during fighting between Syrian rebels and government forces; one of them landed next to a home in Moshav Alonei HaBashan. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel is closely following events in Syria, and is prepared for any development there. Israel has issued a formal complaint to the UN, warning that further rocket fire from Syria would lead to a harsh response.

Professor Daniel Azoulay, the French surgeon who performed the liver transplant on former Mossad chief Meir Dagan, is in Israel for a professional visit. While in Israel, the renowned French surgeon is checking up on Dagan, who is still recovering from the surgery, which was performed last month in Belarus.

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