Sun. Nov 25, 2012 Israel News

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  • Computer breakdown in Likud primaries
  • Yachimovitch and Lapid both offer Tzipi Livni top spot on party lists
  • Apartments with safe room hot real estate item

The Israeli long range anti-missile system Magic Wand, developed in cooperation with American interests, performed succesfully in tests. The Magic Wand system is designed to shoot down missiles such as those possessed by the Hizbullah terror group in Lebanon.

Meanwhile, Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah warned that his missiles can hit from the north of Israel in Kiryat Shmona all the way to the southern tip of Israel in Eilat.

Large-scale computer glitches led to serious snafus in the voting in Likud primaries. Party leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was one of the first to vote. But many Likud members had to wait hours to cast their ballot due to serious computer problems. Many government ministers asked to postpone the primaries. Many of the problems were fixed by evening time, but the primaries were expected to be extended into Monday due to the computer glitches.

Now that former Kadima party leader Tzipi Livni has declared her intentions to run for the Knesset, Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid offered Livni the #2 place on his party list if she will run with him.

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said that the army will continue to try to frustrate Hamas attempts to rearm following Operation Pillar of Defense. Gantz also took some time off to unwind at a musical performance following the intense days of fighting.

Meanwhile, IDF soldiers complained that the new open fire orders on the Gaza border allows Palestinians to approach the border fence, endangering the soldiers. Soldiers were told to hold their fire following the cease fire agreement. Many complained that they and nearby Israeli towns were exposed.

Eight cars were vandalized in the Arab neighborhood of Shuafat in Jerusalem by extreme right wing Jewish activists calling themselves “Price Tag.”

Many families who lost their houses in missile attacks in the south continue to live in hotels paid for by the state. All of the families dream of the day when they can return to their homes.

Meanwhile, following Operation Pillar of Defense, apartment hunters are looking for apartments with fortified safe rooms. Real estate agents are using safe rooms as an added attraction in their pitch.

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