According to a recent report, 20% of the deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents in Israel. since the beginning of the year, are due to drivers texting on their phones while driving.

Since the beginning of this year, drivers holding cell phones while driving were the cause of 63 deaths in Israel.  

In order to deal with this worldwide epidemic phenomenon, the Israeli Police are putting more policemen on special scooters.

In addition to making the policemen faster and more agile, these scooters place the policemen higher than the driver of a car, giving them a better view of the driver’s actions within the car. The drivers also barely notice the policemen before they are caught. The policemen are also armed with a camera in their helmets, so there is no arguing with them about what really happened.

Israeli drivers must understand the danger of holding and using cell phones while driving.  Basically, their eyes are on the little screen and not on the road. One driver still insisted that the policemen write in his report that the driver had a speaker for his phone in the car but was holding the phone in order to end a call.