Recently,  two Israeli companies have discovered that a series of diseases, which have been a mystery for years, can be treated with cannabinoid substances extracted from marijuana, Cannabis sativa.

This discovery, scandalous for some, is something habitual in the pharmaceutical science, in which historically new treatments are developed with cannabinoid extracts.

The effectiveness of Cannabis has been proven in the treatment of diseases such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Crohn’s disease, psoriasis, anorexia and sleep disorder. It is also known for its use in alleviating the effects of chemotherapy in cancer treatments, reducing nausea and increasing patients’ quality of life. New studies foresee its use in the treatment of many other diseases.

Although cannabinoids have generally been consumed for recreational purposes by inhaling the vapors and smoke emanating from the plant when burning, the pharmaceutical industry seeks to optimize and standardize doses and administration by oral and dermal routes, for example, to suit medical treatments.

Yom Chai and Kaneh-B have joined forces, in conjunction with U.S. scientists and medical professionals, in the manufacture of these high quality products and provide optimal range of availability for patients worldwide.

Kaneh-B has 15 years of experience in the use of herbal products, and products with cannabinoid compounds, such as cannabidiol, CBD, have already been used in medicine. The company produces a line of drugs of this type, innovative in their formulation and administration, among which some have already been approved by European authorities and are in the stage of closing contracts for distribution.